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Black house exterior with pool in the evening
Black house exterior with pool in the evening

Our entire process puts an architecturally designed home within your reach – designed and built as you want it – and our expert team is with you all the way.

A one-off home from one company

As our name suggests, we take care of both the design and the build of your new home – all under one roof. This approach creates real value for our clients. We link the advantages of an architect with the buying power and efficiencies that group house builders deliver. You get the best of both worlds – a beautiful custom home at a sensible cost. Talk to us. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what can be done.

A unique home needn’t be an expensive home

We know that people sometimes think owning a unique, architecturally designed home will only ever be just a dream. They say, ‘I’m just going with a group home builder because that’s within my budget.’ Or ‘I can’t go to an architect because it’s expensive.’ Design Builders is challenging that thinking by putting architecturally designed homes in reach for more New Zealanders.

Back exterior view of a rural home surrounded by hills

The whole process is built around you

Everybody is different, so we have no set plans. From the initial brief to handing you the keys, you’re at the heart of the process. Your style, your needs, your budget. Our job is to work with you, to bring your home to life, and for you to enjoy every step as it all comes together. Every home we design and build is unique – that’s what will set your home apart and make it perfect for you and your family.

Your home, designed in-house

We have an in-house design team of a registered architect and architectural designers led by our resident Architect and Design Manager. The team brings a perfect balance of creative flair and can-do practicality to every project. Our Design Builders Services team ensures our regional offices have all they need to create your home. Again, our excellent in-house capability gives you many advantages.

House under construction

We’re upfront from the start

We know that building a home is a significant commitment and a serious investment. Most people have never commissioned a unique home before. Luckily, with hundreds of homes to our name, we have plenty of experience. That’s why we’re able to walk you through the process, answer all your questions, provide the advice you need, and make sure you’re comfortable at all times.

Creating a unique home starts with you

We want you to have the home you desire, so we carefully manage the budget, the site and all your requirements. And it all begins with talking to you. Together we’ll work through your practical requirements, like flow between rooms, your furniture placement, orientation to the sun and views, outdoor living space, parking, and special features. We follow a proven step-by-step process to keep it all on track.

Beautifully designed, brilliantly crafted

Not only will we deliver an excellent design, we’ll also build your home to the highest possible standards. Our construction teams are experienced professionals. We can also involve others, like interior design experts, as needed, to advise you on bringing your décor to life. It’s all about you and the way you want to live. Our ultimate aim is to make sure that you’ll be absolutely delighted with your new home. A home built around you.

Modern living room interior with large windows

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You’ll unlock some significant advantages when you commission an original, one-off home.

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We follow a trusted, proven process. Every step is designed to achieve the best result. We want you to enjoy the journey as much as you’ll love your finished home.

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