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If you’re interested in owning a home that is cheaper to run, more comfortable and healthier, talk to us about the latest energy-efficient thinking with Design Builders’ comprehensive Eco-Living approach.

Design Builders’ comprehensive
eco-living approach.

Face the right way

We can help you take advantage of the way your section faces, and your home’s orientation to the sun. Make the most of sunshine to keep your home warm and dry.

Insulate for comfort

We can advise on installing insulation that will help your home achieve a higher ‘R Value’ (R means thermal resistance), which means a warmer home for you.

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What lies below

Insulating your slab can reduce heat loss around its perimeter and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of in-slab heating if you decide to install it.

A view from the windows

We’ll take a close look at the location and size of your windows, and also consider options for improving the thermal efficiency of your joinery.

Maximise efficient heating

We can recommend efficient heating options, which can include in-slab, radiators, centrally ducted heat- pumps or modern wood fires.

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Get efficient hot water

Electric, heat pump, gas and solar. We help by specifying the best system to suit you and how you will use your home.

Switch on to energy efficient lighting

Using energy efficient lighting will help cut your lighting costs and avoid the usual problems of holes in roof insulation as required with older downlights.

Ventilation is a breeze

We’ll recommend the right ventilation to help extract moisture from the kitchen and bathroom and to effectively control moisture throughout your home.

Indoor living space with wooden floor and ceiling

Manage your energy

Use home automation to control the efficient use of appliances and systems within your home. You can program the times when certain appliances are used to reduce energy usage.

More efficient energy generation

Solar panels have become more popular in recent years. The latest solar systems have also become far more cost effective.

Cut costs with energy efficient appliances

We can recommend the most energy efficient appliances, especially those appliances that are constantly running, including refrigerators, freezers and others that feature a stand-by mode.

Stop splashing out on water

Install water efficient appliances and fixtures, including toilets and low-flow shower heads. If it’s right for your area, you could even think about grey water re-use and rainwater use.

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