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Be Inspired.

Inspired is our latest e-book. It’s packed with photos and features on homes created by Design Builders. We talk to the owners to get the inside scoop on their original, one-off home. From casual comfort to full-on family living to riverside retreats, find out how we turned client briefs into their dream homes.

This e-book is essential if you’re thinking about building your home, now or in the future. It’s also a great read if you’re simply excited about seeing great New Zealand architecture and design. We guarantee that you’ll come away impressed, and inspired, by the incredible results achieved by our clients and teams working together.

Inspired is designed to showcase some of the homes we have created, to bring you into a world of design that puts the client at the heart of the process. We’re proud of all the homes we create. Inspired gives us a chance to tell you a bit more about some of them. You’ll hear from the clients and the creators, and you’ll discover more about the homes and how to turn a vision into reality.

Inspired is available right now, and because it’s a downloadable e-book you can get your very own copy in seconds, plus it’s FREE. Simply head here and fill out the form to get Inspired!

One storey wooden house exterior render

New for 2022, Inspired Edition 02.

Inspired is our latest e-book. Enjoy a close-up look at original homes we created for our clients.

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