Design Builders Wellington Client Journey | Dundon at Seatoun

Jenny and Steve’s home has one of the best views in Wellington, overlooking the wild and beautiful south coast. The couple know the area well. Steve grew up just down the road, in Kilbirnie, and Jenny in Lyall Bay. They love the place and could never leave. The only problem? The house they were living in.

The couple’s home left a bit to be desired, with several parts in urgent need of repair, and a worrying weather tightness problem. Initially the couple thought about renovating, but quickly discovered that was not practical.

Steve picks up the story: “We went through every stage of seeing what we would have to do to renovate and fix our house with the various issues it had. Nobody would give you any sort of idea of price. Had to be just pay as you go.”

Same location, new home

At that point, they made a decision. Jenny and Steve joined the growing number of New Zealanders opting to knock down and rebuild. Steve says, “We knew all the things that we wanted to improve, and all the good and bad and ugly of the site.”

Their next step was to get in touch with Mark Davidge and his team at Design Builders Wellington. As creators of one-off original homes, Design Builders are no strangers to knock down and rebuild projects. Jenny and Steve were in safe hands. They also asked their son-in-law David, who is knowledgeable about design and build projects, to get involved. Mark was happy to work with David.

Thinking ahead

The previous house on the site was designed in the 1980s, and was very much a product of its time. The new home would be designed around a modern concept of two intersecting boxes. By keeping it simple, Jenny and Steve’s new home could make maximum use of the available space, and offer robust weathertightness. This is important, considering the stunning yet challenging location.

Mark Davidge believes in the importance of every home being designed and built around the client. He says, “Every client brings their own inspiration, their own material pallet, and then the challenge is to put it all into one seamless feel.” The new home is a blend of form and function that perfectly suits its wonderful setting.

Not moving is the best move

Jenny and Steve enjoyed the process and believe that their new home truly reflects Design Builders’ philosophy of “a home built around you”. The couple agree that “What we’ve got today – we couldn’t wish for a better design. We’re really happy.” Conclusive proof that sometimes the right move is to stay where you are and rebuild better.

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