Graeme and Cheryl wanted a company that was a one-stop shop for design and build and thought they hit the jackpot when meeting brother and sister duo, Dan and Sarah from Design Builders North Auckland.

When Graeme and Cheryl first met Dan and Sarah, they felt they had met a team who were just as excited and passionate about building their house as they were. They had seen some of Dan’s previous projects which they thought were exceptional but were most excited about the brother sister dynamic, as it showed a sense of family and had great communication.

“When we first met you guys, you showed us some of Dans works which we thought was exceptional, but the fact that you are a brother and sister team, we really like that, we really like the communication and the feeling that you guys give, it’s a family feeling it’s not just a company, not just clients walking in and walking out, there’s a real sense of connection to you guys and we really like that”- says Cheryl.

Find out the story behind this extraordinary journey with our short video here.

Graeme and Cheryl had a bunch of ideas in the initial design phase, but it only took a couple of weeks to get back exactly what they had both visualised in their heads. Graeme says, “Just made the process more impressive and the tweaking has been an easy process, instead of having to redesign, redesign, redesign.” Dan and Sarah really listened to the brief and worked closely with Graeme and Cheryl to make the whole process enjoyable.

Design Builders design and build one-off architectural homes and act as a one-stop shop to ensure each clients dream home becomes a reality.  The Design Builders approach is “a home built around you”. Understanding and listening to each client’s needs and then delivering on those is what sets Design Builders apart. Graeme says “Seeing the house come together and knowing now what it is going to look like at the end, that’s our dream come true, we couldn’t ask for anything more.”

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House construction site elevated view
Top view of a rural house