Every Design Builders home is a one-off

No existing plans, templates, or catalogues. We work with you to
create a unique home designed & built just for you, inspired by you.

25 Years of award-winning homes

We built our first home in 1992. Now we’re known as New Zealand’s designers and builders of unique award-winning homes. Working with you, we develop initial ideas, refine them, create plans and elevations and, when all is ready, build to the highest standards.

You might think that a home designed the way you want it is out of reach. With us, you can afford to think differently. Our process is built around you, and your budget. Let’s talk

Homes to inspire

Design thinking

Each home we design and build is inspired by the people who will live in it.

We believe your home should be as unique as you. So when we say ‘a home built around you’ it means you’re at the heart of the whole process, your style, your practical requirements, your site, your budget, and then we add architectural flair to delight you.

The homes that we create are all different, but they start the same way, with a blank sheet of paper and a client who wants a great unique home.

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Warmer, healthier,
costs less to run

Eco Living is our approach to creating your home that aims to maximise you and your family’s comfort while reducing your home’s running costs.

From choosing materials that make the most of the sun’s warmth to putting the latest energy efficient thinking to work, Design Builders have the knowledge to make the difference.

Be sure to ask us about how we can create a beautiful one-off home that is comfortable, healthy, and costs surprisingly little to run.

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Homes that home-buyers love

We think that you’ll love living in your superb one-off home by Design Builders. But if you do ever sell, it’s good to know that homes with real architectural merit could attract a higher resale price.

A beautifully designed and crafted home has all-important street appeal, a superb exterior to catch a buyer’s eye, and an inviting interior that means style and comfort.

With Design Builders, you can own a home that you’ll absolutely love, and so will other people.

Homes to inspire

It's what happens when you build homes to win hearts