With plenty of satisfied clients, a string of awards and an excellent industry reputation, Design Builders is making waves in the North Island for offering something a bit different. Every home we create is a one-off, built to our client’s requirements, designed for its site and budget. Our approach is summed up as ‘a home built around you’.

Each home starts with a blank sheet of paper and a client who wants a home that matches their lifestyle. The approach is proving very successful. Design Builders is well-established and has been in business for over 25 years.

With an expert in-house design team, Design Builders can manage the entire process, from concept to build, all the way through to handing over the keys. We also work to make the entire process fun, collaborative and rewarding for the client. It’s a refreshingly different approach and one that puts the client at its heart.

Interior Design is a vital but often overlooked aspect of the process. Not so with Design Builders. It’s another service that we offer which adds value and creativity. Design Builders believe that a good Interior Designer can see the bigger picture and ultimately bring the vision together.

Another strength is Design Builders’ partnership model with other Design Builders companies around the country. They are all separate businesses but share an architectural design centre, marketing, accounting and operations.

Since the company was established, the team have created a lot of one-off homes for clients throughout the North Island. From expansive family abodes that make the most of spectacular rural views, to compact urban dwellings that showcase the best of clean modern architecture, Design Builders have created them all.

Design Builders’ immensely popular showhomes and client open homes are the perfect opportunities for people to experience, explore and enjoy homes they have created. It’s also a fantastic chance to be inspired by stunning modern homes, the latest architectural ideas, and the surprising features that can make life so enjoyable.

If you would like to know more about Design Builders contact the team today.