There’s a time in life when your children are no longer children. All grown-up, it’s an exciting time for them as they leave home to make their way in the world, whether moving to start a first job, heading off to university, beginning that rite of passage – the OE, or any number of reasons.

Downsizing is one of those buzzwords that crops up more and more in conversation around this time of life. It’s time to think about making some adjustments which are not only practical but enhance your enjoyment of life.

Some say they enjoy the peace and quiet that comes when the kids go, admitting to feeling a slight sense of relief, and it doesn’t take long to discover that the semi-empty house still needs to be maintained even though most of it is no longer in daily use. A cobweb grows over the shower head in that second bathroom. All signs that you’re officially an “Empty-Nester”.

Many of us will sensibly start the downsizing process by off-loading stuff that is surplus to requirements. Trade-me, council recycling centres and garage sales can easily take care of old furniture, gadgets and other clutter. But sooner or later thoughts turn to trading in your home for something else?

There are a few options: stay where you are, move to smaller home or build a home that’s just right for you now, and in the future. Just think, an original home designed and built around you has quite a few advantages. Perhaps you want open plan living, some extra space for hobbies, a smaller section, low maintenance, a bigger, or smaller, garage. And as for storage, you can make sure you’ve got space to spare. The options are wide open.

A home built from scratch can be designed without steps or levels and include easy access where needed. If you require a wheel-chair friendly home, it’s easier if you’re building a new house, special features can be included in the design, rather than getting council approval to add them to an existing home. Even safety features for any excitable young grandchildren who will be visiting can be included.

A new build gives you the flexibility and freedom to get the home you want. It’s also great fun to think about exactly what kind of new home you would like. Naturally, Design Builders has A lot of experience creating homes that work for people who have made the smart decision to downsize.

If this sounds like you, please get in touch here. We’ll show you that downsizing has plenty of fantastic upsides.