If you’re serious about a building a new home, getting the right site is crucial. Your site will affect the design, the cost of building, and ultimately your enjoyment of your home. Here’s our guide to the most important things to consider when you’re thinking about where to build.

Firstly, check the access. If the site is tricky to get to, this could increase your building costs. At the same time, find out which services are available (such as water, power, phone, gas, and sewerage). Is there good mobile phone coverage? Most importantly, understand the zoning classification. It tells you what can (and can’t) be built there.

Make sure you understand the orientation of the section. For instance, if it is exposed to plenty of natural light, this can be an advantage, because it will reduce your power bills. Visit the site at different times of day, and in different weather conditions, to see how much sun the section gets. Tip: it’s a good idea to take a look in all seasons.

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The section must be sufficiently large that your home design can maximise the layout and flow. Be observant, to foresee problems. Note the width of the site. Does it have a slope? Can it accommodate a garage or off-street parking? Check the Certificate of Title for any covenants, easements, or developer guidelines that will affect the style, type, or size of home you’re thinking about.

Finally, it’s good to think about the bigger picture. Is the section located in the kind of community you want to live in? For example, if you have a family, the proximity of amenities such as schools, shops, public transport, parks and playgrounds is important. Having a good look around, on foot or by car, can give a strong sense of the place.

At Design Builders, we have helped many clients to select suitable sites. By talking with the people who will design and build your new home, you can make sure that your site is the right place for what you want – an individual home, built around you.