Posh Pantries

Suddenly walk-in pantries and sculleries – also known as ‘Butler’s Pantries’ – are topping kitchen wish lists because they offer functionality in the kitchen. And they keep the place tidy.

Walk in Pantry

The idea of the walk-in pantry is to put all of the biggest cooking appliances and pantry goods, such as ingredients, out of sight to keep the kitchen neat and tidy, and close to hand.

A room of your own

A scullery is basically a miniature kitchen complete with a sink and appliances such as fridges, dishwashers and ovens. Add some other ingredients like benchtop space for food preparation and good shelving.

Grand Designs

Sculleries are also known as Butler’s Pantries, which sounds like something out of ‘Downton Abbey’. And while you may not need as much space as ‘Downton’, you will need a bit of room if you want a state-of-the-art scullery.

Posh Spice

These days, sculleries can be fitted out with windows or sky lights, and even televisions and sound systems. It means that you can escape from the rest of the house, and enjoy some solo cooking.