Each year, designers and journalists make their selection for the big trends.

This year, we’re throwing our ten cents worth in with four that we think will be up there. If you want to know what else will be in fashion in the home, get in touch with us.

High flyer

The fiddle-leaf fig has ruled the roost as an indoor plant for years. But a rival has arrived to take on the top status; the bird-of-paradise, also called the banana plant, is the plant of 2019.

Try dry

Dried bouquets are in for the next twelve months. Toi-toi tops the dried-flower trend because they’re tall, eye-catching and their colour and look will perfectly suit any style home.

Up the anti-trend

When the world zigs, that’s the time to zag. Anti-trend is now officially a trend. It’s all about fun and encouraging experimentation with bold colours and big statements.

Following the curve

For years, angles were popular, but now the elegant curve gets your home off the straight and narrow. From chairs to walls, doors to decks the curve is back in style this year.