When designing a home, factor in your storage requirements up front.

After all, no-one wants a home designed for them, and no-where to put the vacuum cleaner or linen.

Turn a new leaf

Have space to spare with smart ideas that maximise your available room. Storage isn’t just about getting clutter out of the way, it can create a great look, from well-stocked book shelves to anything you want to display.

The Lion, The Witch and The Built-in-Wardrobe

Instead of just creating space, it makes sense to take a more orderly approach. From built-in wardrobes, to carefully designed drawers you don’t need heaps of room, just some clever thinking.

Kid’s stuff

As well as being fun, a bit of imaginative design can make a kid’s bedroom superpractical, with heaps of built in storage, and places to park those cool toys.

Steppin’ out

Here’s a step in the right direction. It’s smart to use an under-utilised space. Whether it means making full use of the large area beneath the staircase for storage or using the individual stairs themselves.

Turn your home into a Tardis

Every nook and cranny can be storage. Why put up with clutter when there are plenty of ways to keep everything neat and tidy. You might be surprised how clever cupboards and secret spaces can be built into your home.

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