For most of us, the words ‘home’ and ‘office’ were rarely used in the same sentence. In these days of remote working, the home office has become an important workspace. It’s where things get done. Let’s clock on and take a closer look.

The attraction of no distractions
Your office or study should be located in a part of your home that experiences less domestic commotion and traffic. Make sure it’s an area which escapes the noise and daily distractions. Having a peaceful, focused space in the home is fundamental.

Are you sitting comfortably?
It’s important to consider physical well-being. Think about desk height, a chair that is comfortable and healthy to sit in, and adequate lighting. It’s also essential to create a physical separation between professional workspace and domestic family space. The home office should be the place for work during the day, and you must be able to close the door at the end of the day for your family in the evening.

Make it personal
Your home office doesn’t need to look dull and feel corporate, of course. Put the ‘home’ into home office, with interior design, wall colours, choice of furniture, and other details which make your working space a personal space. A playful, vibrant palette of colour and texture will make an attractive, personalised space where you can get down to work.

Avoid temptation
Let’s face it: being trapped at home can become a bit monotonous. With dangerous distractions like trips to the fridge and the latest Netflix series to tempt you, a home office space that’s also a great place to be is the idea. Add rugs, accent colours and personal touches.

One of the issues of working from home is that noise annoys. While domestic life goes on around you, you have to get down to work. There are ways to reduce distracting noises. While noise-cancelling headphones may be the office accessory of the year, you could look into in double or triple pane windows, or other soundproofing techniques such as carpeting or acoustic panels.

Make your workspace work
As working from home becomes more standard, home office areas will be much more intentionally planned and considered. Think about dedicated Zoom-call backdrops, gallery walls or stylish bookshelves. It’s more important than ever for our homes to reflect our style, values and personality. It certainly makes Monday morning much more bearable.

Learn online
Remote working has popularised the home office, and a dedicated workspace at your place has become an essential for many. But working from home isn’t the only reason to join the home office revolution.

Many young Kiwis are switching to remote learning and online classes. Virtual classrooms where children can easily get involved in their teacher’s lessons, have a quiet space to respond and not be distracted by whatever else is going on around the home.

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