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Lodge Looks

Winter inspires thoughts of time indoors with family and friends. A roaring fire, comfortable furnishings and plenty of relaxation. The Lodge look has all of these and more, so here are some style essentials for a winter retreat.


Shist. A geologist would tell you that it’s a ‘medium-grade metamorphic rock.’ To us, it’s a wonderfully good-looking stone, that can add some real character and style when used for an interior wall or fireplace and evoking the feeling of a ski lodge..


It wouldn’t be a real lodge without a real fire. Some people get put off because they think fireplaces are high-maintenance. Well, it’s true that in the old days, a real fire meant soot and smoke. The latest gas fires have the looks and the warmth, no messing about.


Wood can give you a nice warm feeling, and we don’t mean putting it on the fire. Those lovely, natural, warm colours add a cosy atmosphere to your living space. Nature has given us some stunningly, beautiful materials, let’s use them creatively.


Blankets, throws and cushions are a quick and straightforward way to create maximum comfort. The cold season is the time to pull out all your favourites. When the nights draw colder, cover up and enjoy the simple pleasures of family life.