Kid’s Stuff

We all need our own space, and that includes the younger members of the family. Creating an area that the youngsters can call their own, and enjoy quality kids time just takes a bit of imagination.

Rooms that Grow

Kids grow, and now their rooms can too. It’s a case of less is more. Keeping a child’s room simple means that accessories can be added at stages through life. From larger beds to desks, it makes a lot of sense to keep things uncluttered.


Back in the old days, the cliché was pink for a girl and blue for a boy. Well, thank goodness, times have changed. When it comes to colour, neutrals work well, because they suit picture and decals. ‘Blackboard’ paint is a great way to turn a wall into a place for play.

Choose Wisely

Kids grow fast and like the rest of us, they like to change their minds – or get bored with the look of their room – so it’s a good idea not to spend up large. Instead, choose cheaper items that you won’t mind replacing after a relatively short time.

Work and Play

A good approach to any child’s room is ‘fun but functional’. And when homework becomes a part of your child’s life it’s smart to have a hardworking space, complete with a desk.