We’d like to wish all New Zealand’s Dads a fantastic day. In recognition of all the fantastic fathers out there, we had a look through the homes we’ve recently created for our clients to showcase some dream features. Check them out below.

Whether you’re interested in finding out about a home built around you (or your Dad!), we’re always happy to have a no-obligation chat at your place, or ours. It’s easy. One of our friendly Design Builders partners will get in touch and all you need to do is send us a message.

Inspiration for Dad

Wonder workshop

Now that’s what we call a workshop. This client wanted a place where he could get some major projects underway, and that’s what we gave him.

Brew for you

Here’s a barbecue area with the emphasis on the ‘bar’ bit. We created an outdoor kitchen complete with a built-in micro-brewery. Cheers, and good health!

Pool room

After a tough day, what could be better than doing a few laps of your own swimming pool. We designed and built this house so the owner can enjoy a pool with a view and a half.

Is it a bird, is it a plane…?

Check out this garage, or should that be hangar. Our client needed somewhere to park his plane, so we created this amazing area that has space to spare to store more cool toys.

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