A showhome isn’t just for show. If you know what to look for when you visit a showhome, it can be a golden opportunity; it can help you to decide what kind of home you really want. And get a few ideas, for free, while you’re at it. Here are few things to bear in mind at your next showhome visit.

First impressions last

You can tell a lot about a showhome the moment you walk in. Those first impressions count. Is it inviting? You don’t have to be a construction expert to tell if the builders have paid attention to details. You can instinctively tell if they have used quality materials, or cut corners. Check out the fixtures and fittings; how would you rate the builders on matters of quality and style? Finally, has the showhome got that certain ‘wow’ factor? Trust your instincts. If it seems good, it probably is.

Wellington showhome exterior
White kitchen interior of a house in Bay of Plenty

A way of life

Visiting a showhome is an opportunity to think about how a home can contribute to your enjoyment of life. If you spend a lot of time outside, good indoor/outdoor flow will be important to you. A showhome helps you decide whether you prefer single or double-storey. Likewise, you might be interested in separate areas for different activities. You can figure out how much space you need for family, and for visitors. A showhome can get you thinking about a suitable design for your way of life.

Looking good

In a new home, looks count. So when you next check out a showhome, look carefully at the colours, textures, claddings, and finishes. What appeals to you – modern or traditional? Does the choice of materials make the home inviting and friendly? A showhome is a great place to get thinking about these sorts of questions. Look at contours and angles, too. Does the roof line do it for you? And check out the entranceway to see if it gives easy and inviting access.

Large home in Waikato exterior
Living space of a home with ceiling windows

Go with the flow

A showhome gives you some good insights into the importance of a well-prepared floorplan. As you stand there, you can get a good idea of what would suit you, and what wouldn’t. Look at how the rooms connect, and see if they give an impression of openness and space. Take a look at how the rooms ‘open up’ when you walk in. Check out storage, and internal access. Many showhomes feature walk-in wardrobes – does this appeal to you? Finally, here comes the sun. Is the home light and warm, and does it make the most of passive solar heating?

Say ‘Hi’

If you’re serious about commissioning the construction of a new home, a showhome is the best place to find out if that builder is right for you. It’s easy to tell if they’re friendly and approachable. Just say ‘Hi’ and ask them a few questions about the showhome. You can quickly tell if they’re people with whom you would like to form a working relationship; one that could last a year or more. If they’re open and straightforward, and you like their work, and you get along, you might have found your team.

Brown couch in white living room

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