A unique home expertly designed and built for you and your family exactly as you want it is one of life’s most exciting experiences.

We think it’s all about getting inspired, seeing possibilities, discovering what others have done, and understanding the creative process that makes a dream home happen. That’s why we’ve just launched our own national magazine called Inspired, and it’s free.

Think of Inspired as a cross between a stylish home magazine and a portfolio. It’s inspiring and informative just like a magazine, and it’s a showcase of fantastic homes by Design Builders.

It all adds up to a total of more than 80 pages, packed with interesting stories, beautiful photography and superb homes all created by Design Builders. You’ll also be able read how the Design Builders team turned their ideas into reality.

Naturally, the homes themselves are the stars of the show. They have been exquisitely photographed by some top New Zealand photographers, including Amanda Akins and Simon Cartwright.

When it comes to the featured homes, there are plenty of highlights, including a stunning home built around a swimming pool. The owners of this perfect place design and build pools for a living and wanted to showcase their work. As you’ll see, this new home is jaw-droppingly beautiful and makes quite a splash.

Another eye-catcher, in a different way, is ‘The Hangar Home’. This Coromandel holiday home hides a spectacular secret. One of the owners is a pilot, so the couple asked us to include a hangar to park their plane! You’ll see that our design team’s imagination really took flight for this one.

Elsewhere in Inspired, you’ll find spacious homes for growing families, intimate homes for entertaining, and contemporary homes with the accent on relaxation. There’s something for everyone.

Our talented design team is headed up by our own in-house architect, and you can read their insights in Inspired. Design is about answering the clients’ specific brief and interpreting their requirements. At the same time, there may be challenges to overcome, such as the site itself. In Inspired you’ll find out how a skilled architect working with a talented design team can overcome those kinds of challenges.

The last couple of pages of Inspired include some very important information – all the contact details for our expert Design Builders Regional Partners who will happily tell you more about the homes featured in Inspired and if you’d like to discuss a home built around you, they’d be delighted to do that too.

If you’d like to get your own FREE copy of Inspired, you can simply download the digital edition right here.