Every year, New Zealanders demolish perfectly good homes in great areas. They love the area with its schools, shops and network of friends, but they take a sledgehammer to their home. There’s a method to their madness. Their old house doesn’t do it for them, either practically or aesthetically.

Knocking down an old home and building a knock-out home on the same site is popular. You get the best of both worlds, a home you love, in a place you love. Design Builders have done a several “Knock Down and Build” projects, and each time we hear the same story: “I love the neighbourhood, but I hate the house.”

We agree, life’s too short to live in a house you don’t love. While it might be tempting to renovate the old place, the time-honoured saying about not being able to make a proverbial “silk purse from a sow’s ear” applies. No-one quite knows what is going to be uncovered during a reno. Rotting timber, poor construction, and worse. Why build a contingency into the budget for unexpected costs and hope for the best? When you build new there are no unknowns. Renovating means you have to accept some compromises, whether driven by cost, council, or compliance.

Some assume that a new home costs more than a renovation. That’s not always true – building a new home can be far more cost-effective.

It’s better to build the home you really want without being constrained by an existing building. Let’s take a closer look at the options.

If you like the basic style of your old house, you can get a look that’s inspired by it, whether it’s a turn of the century villa, art-deco masterpiece or classic Kiwi bach. You can have the style you want with all the advantages of a modern home.

The latest homes are healthier to live in. Better for older people, better for kids, and better for the planet. Double glazing, effective insulation, and sited to make the most of the sun, you can build a healthy home the way you want it and make it more eco-friendly.

Today’s building technology, techniques and materials are so sophisticated that, in the hands of an expert, a modern home is built to last. You can take advantage of modern design thinking and the latest construction techniques.

Starting again is a great option, it’s smart because it you have control. You can get a home built around you, exactly the way you want it, and stay in the same area.

Design Builders can take care of the whole project for you, from removing the existing house to handing you the keys to your new home. If you’d like to find out more about how Design Builders can create a knock-out home for you, please get in touch.