Wine cellars are more than just storage spaces; they’re sanctuaries for wine enthusiasts to showcase and safeguard their collections. Whether you’re a dedicated connoisseur, an aspiring sommelier, or someone who enjoys hosting friends, having a bespoke wine cellar allows you to design a space that reflects your personal taste and ensures optimal storage conditions.

What makes a wine cellar unique? 

It’s a combination of design elements. At Design Builders, we understand the importance of crafting wine cellars tailored to our clients’ individuality and style. Here’s a closer look at the key components: 

Materials: The choice of materials sets the tone for the cellar’s aesthetic. Whether it’s the rustic charm of reclaimed wood, the modern elegance of metal, or the timeless allure of stone, we work closely with our clients to select materials that resonate with their vision. 

Layout: Prioritising functionality and efficiency, we divide the space into different zones, such as storage, tasting, and display areas. The dimensions of each zone are planned based on the number of bottles to be stored and the preferred racking system.

Lighting: Lighting is another crucial aspect of wine cellar design, setting the mood and accentuating the beauty of the space. From soft, ambient lighting that bathes the cellar in a warm glow to strategically placed spotlights that highlight prized bottles, 

Temperature Control: Maintaining stable temperature and humidity levels is essential for preserving the quality of the wine. 

Customisation: Crafting your perfect wine cellar involves tailoring every aspect to suit your unique preferences and lifestyle. Whether you dream of a cozy tasting nook, desire a state-of-the-art cellar management system, or crave unique architectural details, the possibilities are endless. 

Explore some of the wine cellars we’ve crafted; each cellar tells a unique story and reflects the owner’s vision. 

wine cellar


A modest wine cellar that integrates well with the surrounding spaces and showcases the client’s impressive collection.

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Waikato Living

A sophisticated wine cellar, where brick walls and a sleek glass door set the stage for a captivating experience.

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wine cellar
wine cellar

Waikato Vision

Modern and spacious, this cellar is the perfect space for hosting tastings and entertaining guests.

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