Excellent lighting design is crucial if you want to create the right balance and mood in your home. We’ll throw a bit of light on the subject.

There are three kinds of lighting

Ambient light provides an overall even amount of light in a room. It can create atmosphere and ensure that the room a good lighting level throughout. Living areas and rooms such as bathrooms benefit from well thought out ambient lighting design.

Task lighting is designed for specific areas and requirements. For instance, in your kitchen you’ll want to make sure that working surfaces and benchtops are well lit, so you can see what you’re doing when preparing a meal. Good task lighting is vital for your home office or bathroom.

Accent lighting highlights different areas of your home. You can use it to focus on a particular area or object. It is often used to highlight artwork, like a painting. Accent lights can creates visual interest in a room and used to light a specific part of the house such as a stairway.

Remember, an important part of Design Builders’ job is to design a home that gets the right amount of natural light, into all the right places. It can make a world of difference by making the interior not only lighter, but warmer. Skylights can enhance areas which are not suited to windows.

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