Eco living

The sun is 15 million degrees centigrade
Use that to heat your home

db-eco-living-solar-panelsBuilding experts call it ‘passive solar heating’.

We also call it a smart way to heat your home,
and save a packet on your power bills forever.

It’s just one example of Design Builders‘ complete Eco-living Home approach. If you’re interested in owning a home that costs less to run and is more comfortable and healthy, then talk to us about the latest energy-efficient thinking.


By making the most of natural light and ventilation, plus clever building orientation, layout, window placement and insulation you can reduce the amount of energy you need to heat, cool and light your home.

As well as smart passive energy efficient features, we can also give you expert advice on active systems, such as solar Photo-voltaic Panels, Wind Energy, Grey Water Collection Systems and plenty more.

Talk to us about enjoying an Eco-living Home.