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Maximise the profit from your land

We are very interested in hearing from individuals or companies who, providing they fulfil certain criteria, want to work with us in a joint venture to our mutual benefit. We have established some specific criteria to help you understand and consider whether we can work with you, and you with us.

Our brand adds value

If the location of the property fits the Design Builders brand, it means our brand name and reputation for quality can add to a potential purchaser’s confidence. In turn, this means that the property can often command a higher price, often well above market rates.

Cost control

As a joint-venture partner working with Design Builders, you can limit real estate agent fees and commissions for some or all sections of sales. You can also reduce or remove your marketing costs.

developing land with us

Design Builders expertise

Surveyors and engineers are experts when it comes to setting a subdivision out. However, Design Builders can also bring industry experience, knowledge and a full ‘helicopter view’ to help maximise the value of a development. We will look at the site from an architectural point-of-view to make suggestions for improvements that will again add more value to the development.

Who we work with

We work with landowners, both companies and individuals, who:

  • Have considerable experience in property development
  • Are new to property development

Either way, our goal is always the same: a mutually beneficial outcome.

develop land joint venture

Design Builders track record

Since 1992, our company has built up an excellent reputation for designing and building original homes. We have won many industry awards for our homes, and have established a prominent position within our target market and within the development industry. We have been in business for over 25 years, so we have a long and successful track record. We’re a New Zealand company with an unrivalled knowledge of the local industry and market.

Development capability

Design Builders is highly experienced at developing properties. In fact, we have developed many properties without any input or involvement from other parties. This means that we have the right experience, particularly for new developers or developers who do not have a local presence or those who do not want to front their development.

Whatever your experience level, we have the capability to facilitate an entire project, from breaking ground right up to the sold sign going up. Our approach is to tailor our joint-ventures to maximise the opportunity.

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Andrew Price - Design Builders

Interested? Contact Andrew

If you would like to discuss how you can work with us, call Andrew Price for a chat on 027 601 6607.

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