Pāuatahanui dream

The Perenaras’ dream home was literally dreamed up. Greer Perenara says, “I had a dream about the home in which we would grow old – what I imagined it would look like. When I woke up, I drew it.”

Greer and TJ had been looking for a suitable section for a while, and found it in Pāuatahanui. With the site’s views and its evident potential as a location for a family home, they knew they had found the right place. Now came the matter of finding the right people to help them realise their dream.

A meeting with Design Builders
Greer and TJ met at one of the company’s showhomes. It gave them a good understanding of what the Design Builders team could achieve. A tour of the showhome with Mark convinced them to go with Design Builders. Greer says, “I definitely got the vibe that Mark was there to listen to what we wanted, and make it happen.”

Find out the story behind this extraordinary journey with our short video here.

Family is important to the Perenaras. Greer says, “It really came into perspective after having our own child how important it was to have a village around you.” In the back of their minds Greer and TJ are thinking about the possibility of other family members building on the site. But first things first.

The right foundations
The Design Builders approach is all about “a home built around you”. Understanding each client’s needs is crucial. Sometimes a particular style has caught a client’s eye. Greer says, “What appealed to me the most, when looking at Design Builders’ work, was that the style of the homes that they had built was very similar to what I wanted for our home”.

As the dream started to become reality, the Design Builders team worked closely with its clients to ensure that the whole experience was enjoyable, and that the finished home will be all that Greer and TJ dreamed of.

Now Greer and TJ are looking forward to the next step, which will include choosing fittings, finishings, and other important details. Make sure you come back, and follow their journey.

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