Design Builders Wellington Client Journey | Ferguson at Upper Hutt

For one couple, causing them to think, change their minds and think again, made the journey to creating their ideal home fun, exciting and inspiring. The results speak for themselves as their stunning home takes shape in a wonderful setting.

The Fergusson’s laughter is about the changes that they made during the process; they were delighted that Mark Davidge and his team at Design Builders Wellington were flexible and fun to work with. If an idea was good, they would go with it. If it was ‘crazy’, Mark would come up with an alternative. It made for a first-class working relationship.

Energy and Enthusiasm

Mark says, ‘Having clients who have the energy and enthusiasm to build something unique is always fun!’ Part of that fun is having a client who challenges the team about what works and what doesn’t. Mark says that the overall house was well-thought-out, and it came together beautifully.

The Fergusson’s chose Design Builders because of Mark’s attention to detail. They liked the fact that Mark and his team were exacting and could achieve a high level of craftsmanship. This extraordinary home literally started life as a sketch on a piece of paper over a beer. The client and Mark knew each other, and that mutual respect was the starting point for an amazing journey.

Thinking ahead

Mark wanted to ensure that the original concept could be achieved before getting started. Again, Mark’s experience and knowledge were key to the process. Mark is also keen to point out the importance of having a strong team behind him. From design to on-site crew, it makes all the difference.

Style and sun

The home makes use of gables – a style that the client was keen to explore – and is built for enjoying the afternoon and evening light. As well as maximising the effect of the sun, superb flow creates an easy, seamless journey from inside to outside, and back again. The home also makes the most of the impressive natural beauty of Upper Hutt, a region just outside Wellington, which has an abundance of rich bush and birdlife.

Mark believes it’s important to stay true to the client’s wishes, understanding the way they live, their tastes and style, and what they want to achieve, and then bringing all of this together in a way that sits perfectly on the site.

Follow the journey, and find out the story behind this extraordinary home with our short video here.

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