Design Builders Waikato, under the leadership of Managing Director Jeff Mara, has reached a significant milestone: 10 years of participation in the Master Builders House of the Year (MB HOY) competition, with a total of 30 awards. This achievement speaks volumes about the team’s dedication in the building industry. In this Article, we delve into what it means for the team to consistently enter this competition, highlight some memorable projects, and discuss what sets Design Builders Waikato apart. 

Consistency in Excellence:

Entering the HOY competition every year is more than just seeking accolades. For Jeff Mara and his team, it’s about benchmarking against peers and pushing the boundaries of quality and innovation in home building. Jeff explains, “It is great for the team to be part of a competition such as MB HOY, to get measured against our peers. In our industry, it helps drive the quality of builds we want to be delivering. We need to be improving each year because the bar keeps raising, and it’s harder to do well each year.” 

Memorable Projects:

Jeff fondly recalls the four showhomes that have been entered over the years. “Each of these showhomes is unique in architectural design and site elements, showcasing our versatility and commitment to high-quality builds,” he says. These projects not only reflect the craftsmanship of the team but also their ability to adapt and innovate. 

Waikato showhome

Waikato Vision

Design Builders Waikato have an enviable reputation for taking a stylish and imaginative approach to creating one-off originals and their Hamilton showhome is no exception.

A beautifully clean exterior is enhanced by vertical and horizontal cladding to create a stunning visual effect. The spacious interior boasts three bedrooms and two bathrooms and features beautiful arch motif windows that flood the space with natural light.

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A New Yorker in Hamilton

The third in a suite of exciting and unique showhomes, this home features styling inspired by the classic New York loft. The living spaces are open and generous, and the outlook is designed to make the most of the nearby park and river.

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Waikato showhome
Waikato Living

Waikato Living 

Bold angles in plan and elevation create anticipation to the experience within. This home is designed around a central courtyard extending the internal living space and allowing you entertaining flexibility no matter the weather.

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Country Charm

You can enjoy country-style living in modern-day suburbia. Just look at this show-stopping show home in The Meadows of Hamilton with its gabled volumes and rich cladding.

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Country Charm

What Sets Design Builders Waikato Apart: 

When asked what sets Design Builders Waikato apart, Jeff emphasises the uniqueness of each build. “All our builds are site-specific and unique to each client, thanks to our own, in-house architects they are all one-offs. We customise designs to maximise outlook and sun while considering wind and site access. The interior design aspect we provide for each project, along with the quality of our project management team, subtrades, and suppliers, truly sets us apart.” 

Building Dream Homes in Today’s Market: 

Jeff believes now is a great time to build. “The building industry is quiet at the moment, with no delays in products or materials and no waiting time for the best subtrades. Hopefully, by the time the project is completed, interest rates will be lower.” 

Trust and Experience: 

Design Builders Waikato has built and maintained trust with clients through transparency, open communication, and a drive to deliver quality builds at good value. Jeff highlights the crucial role of experience in ensuring successful home builds. “Experience brings a wealth of knowledge, skills, and resources to the table, all of which are essential for ensuring the successful completion of a home build.” 

Knowledge of Regulations and Codes: “We are familiar with local building codes, regulations, and zoning laws, ensuring compliance and minimising the risk of increased costs and delays,” says Jeff. 

Quality Control: Years of practice have honed our skills, resulting in higher quality workmanship and the use of the best techniques and materials to ensure the home is structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing. 

Relationships: “Our established relationships with suppliers and subcontractors help secure the best prices and timely delivery of materials and services,” Jeff explains. 

Project Management:

Efficiently organising and overseeing all aspects of the construction process keeps the project on schedule and within budget. 

Risk Management:

“We anticipate potential risks and take proactive measures to mitigate them, identifying safety hazards, managing financial risks, and addressing issues before they escalate,” Jeff notes. 

Jeff and the team have three houses entered in the Master Builders House of the Year competition. The results will be announced in early August. 

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