Design Builders is known for creating one-off homes, and some of them have remarkable individual features built into them. When we say “a home built around you”, we mean it.

You might be surprised at some of the requests we get. They’re all clever, practical, and a little out of the ordinary. Here are some examples of true Kiwi ingenuity that we’ve turned into reality for clever clients.

Stamp out fires
The homeowners are dedicated philatelists, a stamp collector, in other words. Naturally, they  wanted to ensure that their superb collection could be displayed beautifully, while protected. We created a fireproof room for added security.

Pilot scheme
Look at this amazing home with its very own hangar. As a keen pilot, the owner will often fly from home in Auckland to their holiday home, which is located right by the runway. They can land and taxi to the hangar in five minutes. Arrive in style, ready for a relaxing holiday.

Starry, starry night
One of our clients is a keen amateur astronomers, and wanted an area that could be used as an observatory. A cleverly designed roof retracts, providing a clear view of the heavens for their precision telescope. A night under the stars without leaving the house.

Winning wine cellars
For those who love a good drop, having your own wine cellar is a bit of a dream. But for several of our clients, it is a wonderful reality. As well as being a practical and stylish addition to the house, a well-designed cellar makes a fine conversation piece – over a glass or two, of course.

Sliding on
This client wanted to add something fun and exciting as part of their new home. They asked us to a incorporate a slide into the design of the staircase. It’s right next to the stairs. It’s fun for the children, but also practical. It makes it easy to transport things from upstairs to downstairs, but possibly not the other way.

Hidden asset
Look very closely at that beautiful timber wall. Our client wanted a seamless finish to the feature wall, and also wanted to make full use of the space. A hidden door was added. Form and function in one go. And where does the invisible door lead? To a secret powder room.

If you’d like a one-off home designed with creative thinking, come and enjoy a no-obligation chat with Design Builders and we’ll show you more clever ideas. Contact the team today.