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Kaye Caddick

Managing Director Sales
Design Builders – Canterbury

Kaye Caddick is a partner at Design Builders Canterbury, working alongside her husband Paul and son Alex. She brings to the role many years of experience in the real estate industry, helping Canterbury clients realise their property dreams.

What led you to the building industry and your role with Design Builders Canterbury?
I’ve worked for 14 years as a successful real estate sales consultant with some of Christchurch City’s top real estate franchises and that experience has given me a deep understanding of the real estate industry and what clients are looking for when they’re buying a new home. My husband and I have also renovated, designed and built our own homes, as well as doing some development work.

What does your role involve?
My role as Manager Director Sales is to work closely alongside clients from the start to the finish of the build process. That means I’m probably taking the initial call or answering the very first email when clients reach out to us, and then journeying alongside them as we go through the process of figuring out a brief, working out the design, and then seeing the build unfold. I get to know the clients really well through the process, so I can provide whatever advice or support they need along the way. It’s a privilege to be involved in such a special part of people’s lives as they watch their dream home come to life!

What is your approach to working with clients?
For me, it’s all about the customer experience, ensuring people feel that they are being truly listened to right from those very first conversations. A lot of people come into the process with preconceptions about what building will be like, and I like to think that I can exceed their expectations and make the process a bit less stressful than they might have expected.

What does a typical day look like for you?
It’s a varied role! Communicating with clients is always at the forefront, whether it’s taking phone calls, responding to emails or meeting clients in person. But I’m also very hands-on about reviewing drawings and plans as they evolve, making sure that we’re totally on-brief and that the design reflects the needs and wants of the clients – something that you can only achieve by building a strong rapport with them. I’m always in the clients’ corner to make sure they’re getting what they want.

Where should people start if they’re thinking about building?
I would say that it’s great to start by gathering ideas. Cast your net wide and look at lots of different sources – you can narrow it down later. Pinterest is great for finding lots of inspiration, from kitchen design to colour trends and everything in between. It’s really easy to save your ideas down there too. Of course, you can also do it manually, collecting magazines and creating a scrapbook or ‘mood board’. It’s also a good idea to think about the place you currently live in. Presumably there are things about it that you like, so that can become a starting point for your new build.

What do you love about the Canterbury region?
I have lived in Canterbury/Christchurch all my life. What I love about Christchurch is that very positive, resilient people live here. We have a great outlook on life! This is also a beautiful city, with lots of trees, beautiful parks, amazing new buildings and great restaurants and cafés. It’s a diverse place with lots of interesting little pockets – from surfing at Sumner to boho Lyttelton over the hill. There are also spectacular views of the mountains in winter … there’s so much here to love!

What do you enjoy most about your job?
You never get tired of making clients happy by helping them build their dream home! I love the whole journey, from designing the home to meet people’s needs, guiding them through the complexities of the build process, to the satisfaction of the finished result. Every day is different, and you never quite know who you’ll meet or what the day is going to bring.

What are your hidden talents?
Well, I’m a Virgo! I like being organised and I’m a bit of a perfectionist. Paul and I have a large, blended family with six children between us – as you can probably imagine, that requires organisation! So, my hidden talents are organising and planning. And I think to do that requires an ability to listen, empathise with and understand people.

What attracted you to Design Builders?
It was the opportunity to join an established building company with great credentials and to be part of a company that has values which align with mine. I feel that we’re creating amazing, original homes and giving our clients the best possible experience. I like the Design Builders approach because it takes away the stress and makes the process straightforward.

Finally, Design Builders celebrates 30 years in business this year. What are your thoughts on being in business for so long?
For any business to operate for 30 years shows that it’s dependable, reliable and successful. It’s going to be well managed and it’s growing too, which means it continues to be successful. It says: “I can trust that brand. They’re successful. They’ve got it.” That’s what I would say about a company that’s been going for 30 years. Definitely, it’s quite an achievement.

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