Ever since Design Builders started, 30 years ago, one of our most important marketing tools has been the showhome. It’s all about inspiring our visitors with great original ideas.

Over the years, we’ve welcomed literally thousands of New Zealanders through the doors of some incredible showhomes. We love the excitement of creating a new showhome and then getting everything ready for opening day.

Showing off the latest
Showhomes are important because they give prospective clients an opportunity to see some of the latest thinking in architectural and interior design. It’s also a chance for us to inspire them with great ideas, looks and innovations. We love it when visitors ask questions, take notes, and leave with some fresh ideas to think about. We’re also pleased to say that our showhomes continue to be recognised at prestigious award shows, including The Master Builders House of The Year Awards.

Putting on a show
You won’t be surprised to learn that much thought goes into every Design Builders showhome. It starts like any other home, with an original concept and a vision to create something special. As opening day draws near, the finishing touches are put in place. Teams are often working up to the last moment to get everything perfect, ready for our first visitors.

Award winning Waikato show home exterior

Timeless quality, changing times
Over the years, styles and tastes change, but a showhome is an opportunity for our teams to create something of lasting quality. As we look back over 30 years of Design Builders showhomes, we can see the odd superficial aspect that has dated, such as fabric choices. However, a well-considered plan and high-quality craft means that the best showhomes seem as fresh now as they did on the day they were completed.

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After the show
People often ask us what happens to a showhome once the last visitor has left. Some of them were created for the Design Builders partner who built it, or for a client. Others are put on the market, and are invariably snapped up within a few days. If you’d like to know more, talk to your local Design Builders partner.

Coming soon

The show never ends. This year we have no fewer than five incredible showhomes for you. Design Builders Bay of Plenty, Design Builders Taupo, Design Builders Hawkes Bay, Design Builders Franklin, and Design Builders Waikato.

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