For a number of years, the ‘black-box’ style of architecture ruled the roost. Strong, simple, solid shapes combined with dark colours set the tone. It’s a great look, but it seems that tastes are changing, and a new aesthetic is moving in. In this snapshot, we take a look at what could be hot in 2021.

Time for timber

Wouldn’t you know it? Wood is making a big comeback. We’re seeing more and more homeowners opting for beautiful timber. Many new houses feature exposed timber, both indoors and out. Timber shade screens and decorative rainscreens are proving popular, and they’re a great match for New Zealand’s climate.

Less is more

Simple is smart. When it comes to design and decoration, simplicity is in. Less clutter makes for a calm and tranquil place to relax after a day at work. Incorporate geometric designs in your wallpaper, lighting fixtures or furnishings to achieve a light, yet stylish, feel. Geometric architectural designs have been popular for a few years, and these tie in well with the ‘less is more’ concept.

Recycle and upcycle

Recycled products are set to maintain their popular appeal through 2021. From recycled furniture to wallpaper made from eco-friendly materials, think green and open up your choices. Many sustainable products are well made and will last. You are not only staying on trend but also helping the environment.

Interior Kitchen Sink

Living colours

A trend for natural hues began last year, and it’s set to continue to colour interior designer’s thinking in 2021. This year’s colour palettes feature relaxing and soothing shades that complement nature and reflect the green lifestyle design trend. And don’t forget, a touch of colour will let your personality shine through.

Act naturally

Let there be light. Large floor-to-ceiling windows let in lots of natural light. Blinds will be popular to control the amount of light, shade and warmth. Motorised window blinds are handy for hard-to-reach areas of the home, and they mean you won’t have to pull hard on heavy cords to raise and lower those larger blinds.

Integrated living spaces

Integrated living spaces fit with modern design thinking. Open floor plans that include a kitchen, dining area, and living zones will continue to be a popular layout approach. That’s because they let people fully enjoy their time socialising without having to leave the room to prepare food or drinks – perfect if you enjoy being the host with the most, and love gatherings and socialising.

Small is beautiful

A trend towards building smaller houses and apartments means making the most of available space. There are plenty of ways to maximise your space by incorporating clever functional, space-saving elements such as smart technology and by choosing more compact furniture designs. Small is smart and practical.

Intelligent rooms

Speaking of smart, clever technology makes life easier. Smart tech gadgets such as motorised roller blinds, one-touch doors, invisible slides, and self-boiling kettles are becoming popular. For entertainment, smart TVs, discrete speakers and surround-sound can be integrated into your home to bring the blockbuster movie experience to your place.

It’s 2021. Are you ready to have your ideal home designed and built?

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