Biophilic design is an approach to designing and building homes that increases occupants’ connection to the natural environment. It’s a trend that is set to define 2022 and beyond.

The concept uses ‘direct nature, indirect nature, and space and place conditions’ to achieve this. In other words, it maximises enjoyment of nature at home.

‘Back-to-nature’ thinking will be seen, for instance, in the choice of claddings, such as timber and natural plaster-based render systems. Interior design will use natural materials and form, such as curved joinery and transitional elements, to create a sense of ‘flow’ and organic shapes within the home.

Natural colouring
Colour-wise, muted greens and earthy oranges can be used for tiles. Natural stone with whimsical neutral bases are good on walls, and ceiling and timber accents are put to effect in cabinetry and furniture. Natural products emphasise natural textures.

Building systems are beginning to align with these principles. We’re seeing sustainable and passive house design elements. Smart home control systems streamline various home systems including lighting, heating, security and music.

Ensuite bathroom with a large window
Indoor outdoor flow of a Design Builders Home, Modern and Light

Green and clean
Clean lines with no-fuss exteriors and large-span exterior joinery are being used to help bring the outside in, while maximising a sense of indoor–outdoor flow. A great example is full-spanning doors opening to large outdoor areas with exterior skylights or louvre roofs.

Heading outdoors
Outdoor living will be as important as indoor living and design features can create a smooth transition between the two, maximising all-year-round use. We’re seeing more internal courtyards in urban settings, and carefully considered landscaping to create privacy and a sense of sanctuary in the city.

Practical and natural
One practical trend that is staying the course is open planning of the kitchen-dining-living space. Interestingly, more people are choosing multi-purpose homes, with areas allocated for rental or Airbnb. These can be handy for additional income or used all year round as extra space. Modular housing options are proving a smart idea because they can be added on to grow with the family.

Black kitchen and lounge interior in daylight