Andrew Price - Design Builders

As the heat comes off builders, interest in new homes warms up.

New Zealand’s housing market has gone through extraordinary times lately. With ricocheting prices, a seller’s market pivoting to a buyer’s market followed by a sudden slowdown, who knows what’s round the corner?

Andrew Price, CEO of Design Builders, the long-established design-build company which has lived through boom, bust and everything in between over the last 30 years, says  everyone – from mates to the media – has got an opinion on that.

However, Design Builders is known for creating stunning one-off homes. As a market leader and a network stretching up and down and across the country, they have the inside track on what’s happening in the building industry.

When it comes to new homes, the building industry has been stretched and under a lot of pressure over the last few years – but Price says something is changing: “Things are starting to settle down. That’s good news, if you’re thinking about building a new home.

“Until recently, anyone in the market for a new home would find themselves joining the end of a long queue,” he says. “More Kiwis than ever are looking to build their own homes, or rather commission firms like Design Builders to build for them. Demand for residential new builds has hit some real highs.

“However, the queue has recently shortened a lot. Various factors, including the pandemic, played a role in a perfect storm, which put pressure on building companies. But normality is beginning to return – the rush of building activity has been replaced by a steady and sustainable pace.”

The heat has gone out of the housing market, including new builds, says Price. So, the question many are asking is: ‘Is now a good time to break the ground and build?’. Design Builders believe there has never been a better time.

“There are a few reasons for that. New Zealand’s best construction craftspeople were in record-breaking high demand – but now the pressure is off a little, it’s a lot easier to find top-quality craftspeople,” says Price. “Design Builders are very choosy about their crews, so having more highly skilled hands available is a big plus.”

Supply chain difficulties? Price says Design Builders were able to manage supply issues through careful scheduling and clever substitution: “The supply side is now coming right. In fact, in the new year, they predict there will be hopeful signs that the supply situation will start edging towards normality.”

Some industry observers believe pricing will also get more competitive in 2023. This will also benefit those wishing to create their dream home in the near future.

“The smart money says now is the time to get the briefing and planning under way, ready to build in 2023,” says Price. “Before any of that, though, it’s important to do the groundwork. Choosing the right company for your home is the first important step. Reputation is everything, so it’s worth looking around.”

Design Builders has a reputation as one of New Zealand’s leading design and build companies. With a stack of local and international awards, hundreds of satisfied clients and a unique market position, Design Builders turns up on many clients ‘must-talk-to’ lists.

The company’s slogan is ‘a home built around you’, “and that’s exactly what we deliver”, says Price. “The client is always at the centre. Every Design Builders home is created to reflect the client’s personality and way of life. Just as importantly, as a one-stop shop, it’s easy for the client because we take care of everything – from initial brief, to handing over the keys, to the finished home – including all the paperwork.”

Interior design is part of the service – as Design Builders are finding more and more people want professional input from an interior designer.

“A talented designer will see opportunities you might miss,” he says. “With a practised eye, they know how to bring everything together to achieve cohesion effect. It’s this kind of clever input that can create a functional space which looks great.”

Creating a new home from a blank sheet of paper is an exciting journey, and one that’s fun, creative and deeply rewarding for the client. Starting with an idea and bringing that idea to life as a unique home is one of life’s great adventures. Design Builders make it easy with a proven process and many years of experience.

Take one of Design Builders’ current projects. This particular dream home was literally dreamed up by the client.

When TJ and Greer Perenara got in touch with Design Builders, Greer said: “I had a dream of what I imagined our home that we were going to grow old in was going to look like. So drew it on a piece of paper!” Take a look at Greer and TJ’s amazing journey right here.

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