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Large house with brick elements exterior
House with a large backyard exterior view
Bech style dining table interior
Indoor outdoor Showhome flow
House of the year Manawatu exterior
Award winning one storey house on a sunny day exterior
  • A home built around you

    The first step in creating a home built around you is to capture a snapshot of what you want: your likes, loves, dreams, thoughts, tastes and ideas. To help you do that, we'd like you to simply fill in a few sections. You can write, include doodles, magazine clippings, links to websites and anything you want that helps get your thoughts across. Right now, there are no rules, no tick boxes or final decisions.

    There are five sections for you to think about. Firstly provide us with a few details to start the online form.
    Or download a printable version of this form here.

    Remember, this is simply the start of the whole exciting process.

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