The only way to create the best homes is by having the best craftsmen working with us.
If you’re in the building game, we’re on the lookout for only the best players.

We respect excellent craft

Top craftsmen help us deliver, so if you’re a top craftsman, we’ll deliver for you.

Projects you’ll be proud of

The kind that others will look at and say “I wish I could have worked on that”. Be part of a team that’s won over 100 Master Builders Awards.

Your ideas count

People who work with us have got great ideas because they’ve got heaps of experience. We listen to you and value your ideas.

Beat boredom

We create unique, one-off homes. No two builds are the same, no two days are the same. Variety keeps it interesting for you.

Work with tools, not for tools

Life’s too short to have it any other way. We reckon the best way to work is having people who are not only good, but good to work with.

Pay rates match your skill

If you’re good, our pay rates reflect your knowledge and experience. After all, you know what they say about paying peanuts.

Payment on the dot

We pay on time, so the cash is in your account on time. Simple.


If you’re a trade qualified LBP and you’re interested in working with an outfit that values and rewards top skills, then get on the phone and nail it by calling us on 0800 456 456 or email